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Favorite kite of the season?


With my riding evolving in the past couple of years, from stricktly PKRA world tour competitor towards more open rider I started to be more opened towards my gear selection. Thus said my quiver not only has the Fuel kites like I used to, but also the RPM the SST and the Turbine. My gear selection is more about the condition and the style of riding I am currently practicing. With freestyle and kite park I still stay with the Fuel and the RPM, however when I go hydrofoiling, waveriding or just have fun I will go with the 6m or 8m SST kite! The kite previously called the WAVE SST it hasn’t been recognised as an amazing kite for freeride, hydrofoil or beginner riders. Thus said this kite is the most chilled kite I have ever hold in my hands and everytime I fly it I know it’s going to be just easy. When I go waveriding, the kite drifts perfectly when going down the line, when hydrofoiling, the kite just hangs above my head even when is barely windy. I’ve literally used the 6m size for 2 months and didn’t need any other size. When was windy I was wave riding, and when it was less windy I was hydrofoiling.

I would definitely call that my favorite kite of the season!

Photos: Alexander Lewis-Hughes @le_Tranq

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