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IS kiteboarding DANGEROUS?!

IS KITEBOARDING Dangerous? Watch my video to find out :P

A VIDEO for beginners as well as advanced rider who want to learn more about kiteboarding DANGEROUS situations.

I go through some of my personal stories, as well as important recommendations to avoid dangerous situations when kiteboarding.

If you never tried this sport before, it could be a good starting point, a lesson nr.1 in kitesurfing curriculum. If you are an advance rider, it’s a good video for you to refresh your knowledge and remind yourself about dangerous situations you might experiance.

I answer to questions like:

‣ How dangerous is kiteboarding compared to other mainstream sports?

‣ How to learn kiteboarding safely?

‣ How to avoid dangerous situations while kiteboarding?

‣ How to choose safe kiteboarding gear?

KITEBOARDING is an amazing sport and accessible for most of the people. I hope that not only I encourage You to try this beautiful sport but also learn it in an attentive way.



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VB #1 - How to kiteboard with more STYLE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpb4vfuoS30

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