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It was my second time to come to the hood and I knew it's going to be another windy, sunny and full of action trip. For me as a proffesional kiteboarder is also special to come and visit the most famous spot in America, where beginning of kiteboarding took place. This said it is also home to Slingshot Kiteboarding (my main kite sponsor) who has been revolutionary the kiteboarding industry since 1999.

This year I took part in few events that happened around the Hood River. First one was The Bridge of the Gods, the annual north america freestyle championship. This event is so much fun because it has it's original format, and happens in one of the most scenic location. I won this event in 2016, so I wanted to defend my title this year. Fortunately for me I passed the Qualification stage and got in to the Final that I won :) Competing for me is always so exciting because there is so many little details that you have to put together to perform on your highest level. I was so happy to share the podium with my two favorite athletes Katie Potter and Issy von Zastrow.

The next day The Spornado Hood Jam (3rd stop of the KPL championship) was taking place. This event was my main reason to visit Hood, and because I missed the first KPL event (due to shoulder injury) and cam 3rd in the Triple S invitational, I really wanted to win this one. It is easy to say it, but hard to execute it, haha. I mean all girls were practicing the entire year, and I was struggling with rehab and my shoulder. Nevertheless I knew I have to keep my self motivated to perform on the higest level.

And guess what I won it !

What an amazing finish to my trip in Hood River, can't wait to get back here next summer.

<3 Love


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