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The Best trip to Thailand with Karolina

This trip was on mind for a long time because I love thai food hahaha. I’ve been before to Thailand (Hua Hin) with PKRA world tour in 2010/11 and I always wanted to go back there, but since then there weren’t any more events in that area. This year, I was looking for a place where I can prepare for the upcoming kite park league season and decided Thailand will be the best option.

So here we are in a plane to Bankok, ready to hit the water and do endless laps at the park. After the arrival we headed down south to the place called Pran Buri. It was around 3h drive, but that what it takes to get to these amazing kiteboarding locations.

Pran Buri turned out to be the nicest little place on earth. It is super clean and has a lot of cool places to stay and eat. It is like a place that you imagine Thailand to look alike. There are a lot of green areas, golden temples, thai massage and coconots everywhere you go. We rented a tuc tuc, so we could have gone to the beach with all our gear. It was so funny to drive around as it was literally a scooter with attached compartment for seating 5-6 people.

The wind was light, but it was blowing everyday. In the area there are a lot of places to kiteboard but they are all pretty simmilar. There are little kickers, and close to shore flat water lagoons. There is also a 2.0 cable park (kite cable) in the area, that you can ride when the wind is gone. That means no time to rest, even on windless days.

After a week of kiteboarding, we decided to go back to Bankok to check out the cable parks, and the city itself. At first we stopped at Zanook wake park, which is literally right next to the highway on the way to Bkk city. The cable park is so much fun because it is full with obstacles, and is going left hand which I personally prefere that way. Additionally there is a waterpark and kick boxing classes available at the circut, so it is really hard to get boared there.

In between wakeboarding, we went to explore the city, which is so crazy. There are more than 9million people living there, and so many cool things to see and do. We obviously did the ‘buddah tuc tuc tour’ which is a sight seeing attraction where they take you to see staning buddah, big buddah, lucky buddah, walking buddah, sleeping buddah, laying down buddah, emerald buddah, smiling buddah and doing everything buddah. It is clearly a turisty attraction, but we had the most fun at it, flying through the city in a little tuc tuc.

Once again, time speeded and we were back from Thailand so quickly. But as they say ‘Time flies’ when you are having fun, which is always speeding up when you are traveling !



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