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Choosing summer in winter makes my life fulfilled.

Coming to Australia at the end of the year it’s like a cherry on top of the cake for me. After long season of training, competing and traveling around the world I get really tired of being in a constant move and stress. Even though kiteboarding is the best thing ever, after the intense season I start losing that excitement. When these symptoms occur, it means I need holidays. What is the best way to unwind and get excited again ? Kiteboarding. Yep, my preferable way of spending holidays is to go to the ocean, play with the waves and get that adrenaline going again. Not for the judges, not for the videos, just for my own pleasure and fun. This all brings me to Australia where amazing waves, wind and sun are there to spoil me.

This year I spend most of my time in WA, where I usually come for the flat water riding. There is Woodies, Safety bay, Agusta, Lancelin as the most famous places with unbelievable conditions. There are also many others undiscovered flat water spots in the area that you can ride very often by yourself.

This year again the Slingshot Australia arrived with their van full of latest kiteboarding gear. When you see their big blue camper van, you know that’s going to be a fun day ahead ! They literally have all my favorite toys inside from twintips, waveboards, foil boards, and wakeboards, through all kite rage all for the demo. Western Australia is a perfect place for testing the gear because it is windy every single day. So next time you see the Slingshot van in the neighbourhood, just ask for the gear and I am sure the guys will give you the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Every year I come to Australia, I try to visit at least one new location. There are so many sick spots Down Under, it would be really hard to see them all during one trip. Past years I went to all the famous places like Perth, Sunny Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Merimbula, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. This year I went to check out Adelaide and Yukatan peninsula where the local crew organised a fun slider event. There were kite obstacles set up in the water and a lot of excited people to ride with. The event was held over the Australia Day weekend which is a typical Australian holiday where everybody is drinking beer and having a quality time at the beach. I guess I couldn’t be more stoked to spend that weekend with the locals.

I am writing this post and thinking about all these awesome spots and adventures that I experienced in Australia. Nevertheless, I am also super excited about discovering new places next time I will be there. It is probably the best thing about kiteboarding, the ability to just rock up to any beach and ride all day long. You just pump your kite, jump on your board and you know that it’s going to be a perfect day.



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