My name is Karolina,

I grew up in Warsaw, Poland where summer lasts for very short time.  I’ve lived out of a suitcase since I started following my kiteboarding passion and chasing summer all year round ! For me kiteboarding is about freedom, fun and endless possibilities. I love all the different disciplines that kiteboarding has to offer. Freestyle, park, waves or foiling are always putting a smile on my face :) My life without adrenaline and constant changes would be too simple. I like challenges, new places and everyday excitement. This is why I followed a career in kiteboarding and never looked back !  


I started kiteboarding in 2004, three years later I started travelling the world to pursue my goal to become freestyle kiteboarding World Champion. I competed in the freestyle world tour for 10 years with many ups and downs during that time. In 2012 I won my first world title which fulfilled my dream but also gave me new direction in my life. In 2014 and 2015 I defended my World  Champion Titles.


In my career I stood on the World Tour podium 62 times with 23 wins. After the turbulent end of PKRA World Tour in 2015, I decided to move forwards towards Kite Park Riding. The following year I won the most prestigious event in kiteboarding the Triple S invitational along with two other events and got awarded the KPL (Kite Park League) world champion. In the summer 2016 I began to organize female specific kiteboarding festival in Poland (The Queen of HEL). The event was a great success which gave me a new direction in my life. In 2017 I graduated the MA in retail  and management. 2018 is looking promising as I am working on organizing 2 events for The Queen of Hel this summer as well as three events of the Flyn Bay Bash, which is Park Riding tour happening in Poland. 

On my blog you can follow my experiences from travelling, competitions and kiteboarding fun.

I hope you will enjoy it :)  

⎯ Karolina


3x Kiteboarding World Champion 

2x Wind VoyagerTriple S Champion 

 2x Kite Park League Champion

 7x Polish Kiteboarding Champion


Offitial website of Karolina Winkowska

3x Freestyle Kiteboarding World Champion

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